Funding remains the biggest obstacle students face in accessing a tertiary qualification. Feenix is a Public Benefit Organisation and crowdfunding platform that was established in response to the #FeesMustFall student-led movement of 2015/2016, which highlighted the exorbitant cost of obtaining a university degree in South Africa.

Our vision is to realise a society in which all are able to fulfil their potential regardless of wealth. To achieve this we connect students with communities that can provide the support they need to succeed in university and life after. We do this through:



Students fundraise for their outstanding university fees by sharing their story on our secure and trusted crowdfunding website.


Feenix Bursary Programme

Organisations channel their skills development and youth development bursary budgets through Feenix to fund the education of university students. This programme is facilitated by Feenix, we take full responsibility of the process, verification and disbursement of funds.


Wrap-around student support

Students receive access to holistic development support so they can thrive in university and the working world.

The Feenix team and its community believes in the potential of youth. We believe that access to education should not be dependent on wealth. Education creates opportunities for youth to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to participate in the economy, achieve upward mobility, and change the world for the better for all in it.


Closing Date:
30 November 2022

2022 Debt Bursary Programme

Closing Date:
30 November 2022